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Storage Delivery Service LowestPrice: $  [Details]View Schema (WSDL 1.1)
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 5391
Updated: 9/14/2007
Online storage for web-enabled applications. Applications integrate with SDS via web services and can scale to meet the storage demands delivering billions of media files to millions of end-users

Majodio File Service LowestPrice: Free  [Details]View Schema (N/A)
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 10036
Updated: 1/28/2004
The Majodio File Service can be used to upload or download binary or ASCII files. The web service has integrated security and each user has their own file space. The file system supports nested directories and multiple authorization levels.

JetFolders Service LowestPrice: $6.50/Month  [Details]View Schema (WSDL 1.0)
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 8766
Updated: 2/22/2005
JetFolders is a online storage service providing: Private online storage; Quick synchronization of content between the Service and client computers; Data sharing with other JetFolders users; Access to multiple document versions and revision history.

XMethods Filesystem LowestPrice: Free  [Details]View Schema (WSDL 1.0)
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 14573
Updated: 3/18/2002
This Filesystem web service allows a client to save, read, and delete string-based files from a "virtual filesystem" hosted on the XMethods server, using a soap interface.

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